Policy and Procedures

Information about our Policy and Procedures is posted here. The following documents below are available for download.

Behaviour Management Policy

At Wynn Vale School we want every student to learn and play in a safe and caring environment in which the rights of everyone to experience success are supported and protected.

To ensure that this occurs, we have in place a behaviour management policy that has been developed in consultation with our community. It is based on the following principles:

  • a) All students have the right to learn and play without interference or harassment from others.
  • b) All teachers have the right to teach in an environment that is orderly and supportive.
  • c) All students need to develop an understanding of their responsibility as members of a school community and learn to accept responsibility for the behaviour choices that they make.
  • d) Students who disrupt the learning program for themselves or others will be removed from the classroom or yard until a plan of action and commitment to follow school expectations is made.
  • e) Parents, care givers and teachers need to work in partnership to resolve concerns related to student behaviour

A PDF document of our Behaviour Management Policy is available below.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Wynn Vale Primary School does not tolerate bullying and harassment in any form.

With staff, students and parents working together we help to create a safe and caring learning environment, which promotes personal growth and self esteem for all.

A PDF document of our Anti-Bullying Policy is available below.